Business Management Consultancy

Dubai Global Intellectual Property (DGIP) is one of the Middle East leading management consulting and business development companies, it is Head Office in Dubai, and have branches in the Middle East ,Asia , Africa , Europe and America .

We have professional staff with a vast knowledge of the existing rules and regulations for setting up of new business and companies. Our services include arrangement of local sponsors, liasioning with government authorities for license formalities such as Trade, Professional, Industrial/ manufacturing, Construction, Services and Consultancy licenses and also to establish a branch or representative offices of International companies. We are also specialized in providing feasibility studies and market survey.

As Business Management consultants, We provide excellent and competitive services assisting our clients in the fields related to Management, Marketing, Feasibility Studies, etc.

This depth of experience, combined with the way we work, gives us a confidence and clarity about our business which in turn allows us to focus all our energies on making a difference with our clients. Steps Required to Set Up a Business

Prior to operating any business in United Arab Emirates , the steps outlined below must be undertaken in order to meet the legal requirements of all concerned government authorities and to guarantee maximum commercial benefit for the business owner:

 Determine the category/categories (commercial, industrial and/or professional) and type of business activity/activities to be practiced.

 Determine all the related business activities that can be included within each business license, subject to a maximum of ten activities per license.

 Determine the appropriate business legal form for your business taking into consideration the desired business activity/activities and the number and nationalities of the business owners.

 Confirm all the requirements of the license to be issued.

 Determine the trade name of the business and get the initial approval.

 Lease business premises.

 Prepare all required documents such as Memorandum of Association and other contracts such as the appointment of local service agent which has to be authenticated by the Notary Public and approvals of other relevant government authorities, which are necessary in each case.

 Submit an application to the Economic Department to obtain a final license. Applications can be submitted through a legal consultant's office.

 Obtain necessary work permits for business employees and management; an application must be submitted to both the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Department of Naturalization and Residence.


Legal Forms for Businesses

Individual Establishment

It is an establishment owned by a sole proprietor to operate an economic activity (commercial, professional, industrial, agricultural or real property). An establishment’s financial liability is linked to the proprietor who shall be responsible for all its financial obligations.

Commercial Company

A company is a contract by which two or more persons enter into an economic profit-generating enterprise. They shall each subscribe a share either in the form of money or work effort, and share an enterprise’s profit or loss. An economic enterprise includes any commercial, financial, industrial, agricultural, real property or any other type of economic activity.

Civil Companies

Civil companies are formed to practice activities which involve the use or investment of intellectual faculties, acquired information or the use of skills like carpentry.